Wister launches WISPAY, all-in-one Payment on ISP & Carrier Invoices.


Dear partners & affiliates,

Our Wister team is glad to announce the official launch of WISPAY, our all-in-one payment solution on carrier invoice (Internet+Mobile) and ISP invoice (Internet+Box).

Since all the current mobile players in the market propose a payment solution, why should I choose WISPAY? 

Wispay is a SMART solution !

Our decision tree chooses the best solution whatever the conditions are :

  •  Connection (3G/4G, ISP Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi).
  • Terminals (mobile, tablet and PC).
  • Mobile carriers and ISPs (Bouygues, Free, Orange and SFR).

Wispay is a FLEXIBLE solution !

Our decision tree is dynamic.

Each transaction is carefully measured and used to determine the best payment solution for the following customer.

Example: if Internet+ Box (payment on ISP bill) becomes more efficient than the solution Internet+ Mobile (payment on carrier bill) on Orange, you have nothing to do, the solution automatically adapts with the Wispay algorithm. Naturally, you get the best conversion rate possible at any time!

Wispay is a COMPLETE solution !

Unlike other distributor’s solutions, Wispay combines the best of each payment solution (Internet+ Box and Internet+ Mobile) so that you do not have to. Seamlessly, Wispay is the best payment solution in all circumstances.

You have only one connection to make: Wispay.

Example: If you do not have a mobile version, you can start by integrating Wispay to your website and you will have no further technical integration to do the day you will launch your webapp or mobile application.

Contacts : 

sales[@]wispay.fr / // +33 1 45 44 65 86