Wister’s Collision Experience

From a brief observation, you may think we’re referring to an auto accident due to the word “Collision” but can assure you that attending the Collision Conference held in New Orleans last month was NO accident.


The Collision Conference is a fast growing tech conference with over 7,500 attendees in just 2 years, traveling from all over the globe to partake.  With a healthy mix of top level CEO’s, fast growing startups, investors and media all in the same location, one was likely to collide with an array of business opportunities during this conference.


Wister ventured into the Collision Conference with great confidence to promote and market our recently launched tool KHEPRI, a UX optimization tool that will revolutionize the way data is received and evaluated.


KHEPRI is a non-intrusive, easy to use, A/B testing tool that is so smart that it has the capability to evaluate possibilities based upon multiple dimensions of context such as but not limited to country, consumer gender and device.


Unknowing as to how Collision participants would perceive KHEPRI, Wister walked away from the conference with an undoubtedly positive response. In addition to the positive feedback and new business leads, the conference was an all-round productive and pleasant event that was well constructed resulting in a unique vibe that had everyone buzzing.

If you should ever have the chance to attend a Collision Conference, Wister highly recommends it.

For more info on Collision Conference visit their website at https://collisionconf.com/

And if you’d like to learn more about the tools and services that Wister can provide please visit www.wister.com or drop us an email at info@wister.fr